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Intelligent manufacturing promotes China's textile industry to high-end green development
As a traditional pillar industry and an important civilian production industry, the textile industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. The entire industry faces practical problems such as the disappearance of demographic dividends, rising raw material prices, increased environmental protection pressure, and shrinking exports. Facing the development dilemma, the textile industry actively seeks changes, and uses intelligent manufacturing as a means to open up the data flow of the entire textile industry chain and key links in production and manufacturing, and to carry out changes in production and business models to achieve a significant increase in labor productivity and production flexibility in the textile industry. The improvement, as well as the improvement of product quality and energy consumption, has promoted the development of China's textile industry to a high-end. Intelligent equipment supports green development
Staple and Pulp Market
The price of staple fiber continued to be weak. Fortunately, the price did not fall further, but the trading atmosphere remained weak. Shandong Xiajin long velvet 4300-4500 yuan / ton, Xinjiang 4100-4300 yuan / ton. The cotton pulp price performance is firm. The mainstream pulp mills in East China are still at a loss, and the start-up inventory is at a low level. The quotation remains at 7300-7500 yuan / ton, and the actual order transactions are gradually followed up. The domestic dissolved pulp has not yet cleared the actual order transaction. It is heard that the pulp mill's shipment intention is still not less than 7500 yuan / ton, and the actual order negotiation is slightly deadlocked. Viscose Market Viscose Staple Fiber Price Guarantee
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